The purpose of these Collector Notes is to assist in filling the knowledge gap regarding antique Sheffield pocket knives and clasp knives that was very apparent to me through my early collecting years – to encourage/assist new collectors, and to generally promote the pleasure associated with such collecting. To this end, any suggestions/contributions that fellow collectors may have that will improve the content of these Collector Notes and thus expand the knowledge base will be most welcome, and I am sure will be greatly appreciated by all present and future collectors of antique Sheffield knifes.

In the longer term, there are hopefully many advantages resulting from the enhanced profile of the knife styles featured in each Collector Note, and more importantly to the cultural value of antique Sheffield pocket knives generally, that may flow from an increased interest in collecting antique Sheffield knives as a result of the expanded availability of relevant information.

Enjoying the CASK experience: the Collector Notes are individually accessed by clicking on the heading “Collector Notes” in the ‘header’ at the top of this page. Once a specific Note has been selected it can take a few seconds to fully download, so be patient. I find it easier to read by selecting “Full Screen Mode” which is located on the left side of the page immediately below the Collector Note title. Each Note contains cross-reference links which are blue highlights in the text, and a click on any section heading in the Table of Contents or any blue highlight will take you directly to that point in the text.