Explanation: Given that I am nearing the end of my collecting journey (it’s an aging thing), I will be progressively downsizing all my antique Sheffield knife collections. This will not start until I return to Australia for 6 months in mid-September 2022. The selling process will be similar to the eBay model – I will post details of each item including a starting price in USD, and the buyer will the highest bidder over a two-week selling period. Unlike eBay there will not however be a progressive update of bids. Following completion of the sale, the sale price will be listed in the “SOLD” section, and if the buyer agrees, I will show their name. All payments will be via PayPal and will include shipping costs. Items will always be sent ‘tracked and signed for’ using Australia Post. Note that insurance will be required for items over $200 USD and can be quite expensive but if you choose not to take it or request it at a lower value it will be entirely at the buyer’s risk.​​​