News – July 12, 2022: I appreciate that this is old news: Ron Flook’s latest book “Knives & Daggers of the SOE”, went on sale in December 2021, it’s a nice A4 sized hardback with lots of new information. The bad news is that his website indicates that he only has 9 copies left (as at June 2022) and that there will not be a second print, so if you want to purchase a copy you had better be quick.

Update 1- July 12, 2022: The Collector Note “CHAMPAGNE PATTERN CLASP KNIVES AND MULTI-BLADE VARIANTS” was completed in the necessary online format however my co-author and collaborator Paul Stamp has identified a range of new sources of information that need to be addressed – and where relevant incorporated into the draft Collector Note. It is anticipated that it will be available in February 2023 Watch this space!